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5 key gardening jobs March 17-23

Purpleness of crocus in the dreich days
Purpleness of crocus in the dreich days

1Vegetables to sow now

Cauliflower Amsterdam reaching maturity

Sow under cloches: carrots, beetroot, broad beans, salad onions, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, spinach, leeks, lettuce, rocket, coriander, mixed salad or stir fry leaves, radish, turnip, peas and Swiss chard.

2Watch out for mouse and slug damage

Sweet pea Prince of Orange

Check autumn-sown sweet peas and apply mouse and slug controls if necessary.

3Prune climbers



Overgrown climbers can be renovated. Deciduous varieties will be at bud burst now, so you can tell which growth is dead and alive – suitable for Lonicera (honeysuckle), Hedera (ivy) and rambling roses.

4Sow hardy annuals in modules

August 27: Nasturtium

Sow hardy annual flowers where they are to bloom if your soil is workable, such as Calendula, Nasturtium and Nigella. However, if your soil is still cold and wet (probably), you can sow them in modules if you have space in an unheated greenhouse to give them a faster start.

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