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Half-hardy annuals for 2018

Dahlia Bishops Children - magenta
Dahlia Bishops Children - magenta

Waste not, want not approach to leftover seeds

There’s very little rhyme or reason to my choices of half-hardy annuals this year – mostly what people have given me or spares from previous years.

This will be apparent from the complete lack of colour scheme, although careful planning in the past has led to the same chaotic results.

It occurred to me how many seeds we waste, so I deliberately have tried to use them up, hence the number of similar Cosmos.

For pots in a sunny position

All need a sunny position to perform well – most of these will be going in pots. Here we go:

Marigold Strawberry Blonde: OK, she may be last year’s model but it’s taken me this long to get round to the idea of growing marigolds at all (my father was an advocate of straight lines of them with alyssum and lobelia). Good weather tolerance, pink and russet tones, 25cm, £2.99, https://www.thompson-morgan.com.

Cosmos Sweet Sixteen: white with pink picotee edging, 90cm, part of the Sophie Conran Wildflower Garden Seed Set, £10.99, https://www.burgonandball.com/products/sophies-wildflower-garden-seed-set.

Pink and white Cosmos

Cosmos Gazebo Mix: Deep and mid-pink and white mix, 60cm, early flowering, £1.99, https://www.unwins.co.uk/.

Cosmos Cupcakes White: Petals fused into one single cup, some single, some semi-double, 1.2m, £1.99, https://www.thompson-morgan.com.

Verbena Scentsation: Classed on the packet as a hardy annual but I’ve included it as it was sown in the propagator at the same time as the other half-hardy annuals. It’s a Mr Fothergill’s exclusive, highly scented and compact, 20cm. £2.69, http://www.mr-fothergills.co.uk.

Antirrhinum Royal Bride and Alchemilla (lady's mantle)
Antirrhinum Royal Bride and Alchemilla (lady’s mantle)

Dahlias, Antirrhinums and Erigeron

Erigeron Profusion: Natural trailing habit, ideal for hanging baskets and tumbling over walls. Masses of white daisy-like flowers, suffused with pink, 15cm. £2.29, http://www.mr-fothergills.co.uk.

Antirrhinum Royal Bride: tall, stately white-flowered variety, 90cm, part of the Sophie Conran Wildflower Garden Seed Set, £10.99, https://www.burgonandball.com/products/sophies-wildflower-garden-seed-set.

Dahlia Bishops Children: Single flowers in deep red, gold and orange with bronze foliage, 90cm, £2.69, http://www.mr-fothergills.co.uk.

For detailed instructions on growing half-hardy annuals from seed, visit my A-Z page for top germination tips.

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