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‘Mini Monet’ artist at Chelsea Flower Show 2018

Artist Kieron Williamson. Picture; Hillier
Artist Kieron Williamson. Picture; Hillier

Kieron Williamson to appear on Hillier exhibit

Teenage art world sensation Kieron Williamson is to appear on the record-breaking Hillier stand at May’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

The 15-year-old from Norfolk has a global waiting list of art enthusiasts – his first painting sold for £14,000 when he was just six and his work has been bought for many prestigious private collections, including Royalty.

Kieron’s next project will be at Chelsea as part of a new partnership with Hillier, which has commissioned Kieron to paint a series of pieces portraying the “Stihl Inspiration” by Hillier garden at the show.

Hillier garden preview by Sarah Eberle. Picture; Hillier
Hillier garden preview by Sarah Eberle. Picture; Hillier

Hillier garden’s rustic theme

The garden will take on a more rustic theme than previously featured in Hillier’s exhibits with corten steel used throughout, and orange and blue flowering plants alongside Hillier mature trees.

Kieron said: “So much of my work so far has been inspired by the outdoors and nature so I’m really looking forward to painting the Hillier garden.

“The Chelsea Flower Show is such a famous event and a great new challenge for me whilst also helping an important charity in the Wessex Cancer Trust.

“The plans for the garden look great; I’m really looking forward to seeing this year’s creation come to life – there is certainly lots to inspire me!”

Kieron Williamson as a boy painting. Picture; Hillier
Kieron Williamson as a boy painting. Picture; Hillier

Art auctioned for charity

After the show, Kieron’s pieces will be auctioned online to raise money for Hillier’s charity partner, The Wessex Cancer Trust.

George Hillier, who is one of the fifth generation of the family to be involved in the business, said: “Here at Hillier we pride ourselves on inspiring future generations so our partnership with Kieron is perfect synergy.

“His work is astounding for an artist of any age, let alone for a 15-year-old. We’re incredibly excited to be working with him and can’t wait to see his artwork of our Stihl Inspiration garden”.

Keen to boost interaction with the exhibit, Sarah Eberle, who is the designer for the third year running, has created a walkway through the garden.

Kieron Williamson. Picture; Hillier
Kieron Williamson. Picture; Hillier

Sponsors of garden

This year, STIHL, the world-famous garden tool manufacturer, will be a sponsor of the Hillier garden. The theme of the garden is inspiration and the design will see the two companies uniting to encapsulate the “inspiring future generations” ethos.

Hillier holds the record for the most consecutive Chelsea gold medals and hopes the 2018 show will see it receiving its 73rd.

For more information, visit www.hillier.co.uk, follow @HillierGarden on Twitter or HillierGardenCentres on Facebook.

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