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American kaki fruit and pawpaw Pennsylvania Golden

American Kaki Fruit Prairie Dawn. Picture; Lubera
American Kaki Fruit Prairie Dawn. Picture; Lubera

A taste of the exotic in your garden from Lubera

After unusual fruit for your garden? Look no further than these two from Lubera, American kaki and an early pawpaw.

Firstly, American kaki (also known as Persimmon) Prairie Dawn is a breakthrough, exclusive to Lubera. Jim Gilbert of Fruithunter has been working for more than 20 years on Diospyros virginiana, with the aim to make this prairie plant viable for gardeners.

Maturity/Harvest: End of September/beginning of October, very early and before almost all Japanese kakis. Tree-ripe fruits are a deep glowing orange colour. Cut off with scissors, then ripen for up to two weeks.

Fruits: Small, about half the size of the Japanese kakis, about 5cm and seedless. Fruits are mature if the receptacle (thickened part of the fruit’s stem) is brown.

Flavour: When Prairie Dawn is mature, it is sweet, aromatic and shows no astringency, with soft flesh. The texture of the ripe fruit is slightly floury, without dryness and a bit like an overripe apricot, but full of aroma and with a hint of almond.

Prairie Dawn is on offer at the moment, at £37.40 for a one-year-old grafted plant in a 5l pot, http://www.lubera.co.uk/plants/lubera-novelties/novelties-2018/american-kaki-fruithunters-prairie-dawn

Pawpaw Pennsylvania Golden. Picture; Lubera
Pawpaw Pennsylvania Golden. Picture; Lubera

Exotic pawpaw

Pawpaw Pennsylvania Golden is one of the earliest varieties and reliably matures in mid to late September, so this mango-like exotic fruit can be grown at high altitudes or colder areas.

It’s winter hardy, down to -30°C and it’s a good pollinator in larger plantings. If you want only two pawpaws, Campbell’s No 1 is the ideal companion for Pennsylvania Golden.

Fruits: Medium to large, Pennsylvania Golden is extremely fertile and usually produces the first fruits in the second or third year; has a pretty, yellow-coloured outer side.
Maturity/Harvest: One of the earliest maturing pawpaw varieties.
Flavour: An intense pawpaw flavour, a mix of banana, mango, lemon and sugar.

Pawpaw Pennsylvania Golden costs £46.40 for a one-year-old grafted plant in a 5l pot, http://www.lubera.co.uk/plants/fruit-trees/pawpaw-indian-banana/pawpaw-pennsylvania-golden

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