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5 key gardening jobs April 14-20

Californian poppy close up
Californian poppy close up
Clematis montana Elizabeth

 Neaten climbers

Tie in honeysuckle, clematis and other climbers as new growth starts to sprout.

Shasta daisy Aglaia

Stake perennials

Perennials should be staked early so they can be tied in unobtrusively before they start to flop. Use prunings from around the garden to make your own supports.

Barley straw bale floating in the pond

Use barley straw in ponds

To prevent algae build-up in your pond, add a small bale of barley straw, available from most garden centres, at £6-£7. As light levels and temperatures increase, this triggers algae growth in the pond, making the clear water go green. Have plenty of plants around the pond’s sides for moist shelter, essential if your pond is set in gravel.

Bronze fennel

Freshen up herbs

Divide clumps of herbs that have become too large. Plants, such as bay, that are difficult to propagate otherwise, can be layered now. Refresh herbs growing in pots by scraping off the top 5cm/2” of compost, topping up with fresh and finishing off with a layer of horticultural grit to retain moisture.

Easy-to-grow Calendula Nova

Sow hardy annuals

There are lots of annuals you can sow now including Californian poppy, Nigella and poached egg plants, which are good for pollinators – if your soil isn’t waterlogged…



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