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‘Instant’ fresh veg from your windowsill

Microgreens. Picture; Johnsons
Microgreens. Picture; Johnsons

Bursts of flavour from Johnsons Microgreens

Even if you just have a windowsill at your disposal, try growing Microgreens from Johnsons Seeds.

They’re the perfect answer to providing a quick and easy way to add vibrant colour and taste to dishes.

Microgreens are virtually ‘instant’ vegetables that can be grown, whatever the weather, all year round on a windowsill and in as little as two weeks.

Essence of mature plants

The tiny plants have the essence of the mature plants without the more extensive care and maintenance required to grow them.

Brand manager Helen Clayton said: “Our customers really love the fresh intensity of these easy to grow, nutrient-rich micro-leaves.

“It’s not just the conventional flavours they are choosing – our Microgreens Beetroot variety is the top seller in the range.”

Ultra-baby leaf vegetables

Loved by top chefs and best described as ultra-baby leaf vegetables, these seedlings add a fresh and punchy flavour to just about any dish from sandwiches to steaks and stir-fries to soups. They can also be used as a simple and tasty garnish.

Johnsons Microgreens are available in two formats. The kit includes a reusable growing tray and three packets of seeds costs £4.99. There is also a mini-range of eight Microgreen varieties such as chard, basil and rocket, costing from £2.09 to £3.19.

Johnsons range of seeds is available from selected garden retailers and online at www.johnsons-seeds.com.

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