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New Walnut Dwarf Karlik

Walnut Dwarf Karlik. Picture; Lubera
Walnut Dwarf Karlik. Picture; Lubera

Compact walnut suitable for small gardens and containers

Traditional walnut tree varieties have ruled them out for all but the biggest gardens – the classic Franquette grows 7-8m tall.

Even the shorter Lara tops out at 4-5 metres and Europa at 3.5 metres – hardly suitable for the suburban or urban garden.

Now Lubera has introduced Dwarf Karlik, which only reaches 1.8m at 20 years old! It does this because of the short distance between the nodes of the plant. This walnut can be grown successfully in containers or in garden beds.

Both Lara and Europa are shorter mainly due to the early harvest and the ability to produce fruit on the side buds.

Truly nutty harvest

  • Fruits: Dwarf Karlik fruits ripen almost in a grape-like fashion, always 2-6 together; they are medium-sized, 2.6cm long, 3.1cm wide; the shells can be easily cracked, they are usually clean at the seam and the nuts can be removed as a whole. The nut kernel is yellowish with brownish veins and weighs 4.6g.
  • Maturity/harvest: Ripens in the second half of September.
    Flavour: Good, intense nut flavour.
  • Uses: Eat fresh or stored, as it gives a reasonable harvest.

Price for a one-year-old grafted plant in a 5l pot is £55.40 and shipping is free. For more information, visit http://www.lubera.co.uk/plants/fruit-trees/nut-trees/walnut-trees/dwarf-walnut-tree-dwarf-karlik.

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