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Going Posh for the birds

The Posh Shed Company's 2018 design birdbox with detatchable roof. picture; The Posh Shed Co
The Posh Shed Company's 2018 design birdbox with detatchable roof. picture; The Posh Shed Co

Posh Shed Company’s new birdbox targets larger birds

The decline in our countryside’s hedgerows and other natural habitats has created a crisis for our birds.

However, bird boxes provide a crucial sanctuary for birds, offering them a suitable place to nest, especially in an urban concrete environment.

The Posh Shed Company has unveiled a new limited-edition design of its bird box – this year’s model has a larger hole to encourage bigger birds into gardens.

RSPB recommendations

It measures 32mm which meets recommendations from the RSPB for house sparrows, great tits, the nuthatch and the lesser spotted woodpecker.

The Posh Bird Box is hand-made and designed with elegant edges, sculpted from high-quality sustainable redwood timber with a removable cedar shingle roof for easy cleaning.

The narrow design, measuring 30cm tall and 19cm wide, is available in six colours.

Out of reach of cats

The Posh Shed Company’s managing director Richard Frost said: “When putting up a bird box, it is important to consider its positioning. A major factor is ensuring it is placed out of reach from predators, so the birds are safe and not likely to get attacked by the neighbourhood cats.

“Placing it in a north to north-east position is recommended to avoid strong sunlight and use also should ensure that there is a clear flight path, so it can be accessed easily”.

The 2018 Posh Bird Box costs £26 including postage and packaging from www.theposhshedcompany.co.uk or by phoning 01544 387101.

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