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Dinosaur planters – Plantosaurus rex!

Tricerapot. Picture; Red Candy
Tricerapot. Picture; Red Candy

Trio of funky dinosaur pots from Red Candy

Love dinosaurs or quirky ways of showing off your houseplant collection?

Well, Red Candy’s white dinosaur plant pots are perfect for you and would make a great Father’s Day gift.

Made from glazed ceramic, the pots feature are glazed on the inside, so they won’t ruin your furniture.

Choose from the Plantosaurus Rex, a Tyrannosaurus rex-style planter, perfect for cacti, ferns and sempervivums.

If herbivores are more your thing, there’s the Tricerapot, a Triceratops-shaped container and the sauropod-shaped Plantosaurus.

All pots cost £35 each, available from Red Candy, visit www.redcandy.co.uk.

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