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How to get rid of moths

The common clothes moth (Tineola bisselliella)
The common clothes moth (Tineola bisselliella)

Protect your clothes and carpets from infestation

The weather’s warming up and May is the prime time for a moth infestation in your clothes and carpets.

Don’t be complacent – these tiny insects can cause a whole lot of damage – if you’ve seen a few flying about, it means breeding has begun.

Larvae can eat through treasured garments, furniture and even whole areas of carpet. We had moths last year which ruined a wool carpet – I’ve now opted for a moth-proof carpet made from recycled pop bottles.

For more on natural remedies and preventative measures, please click here.

High street retailer Robert Dyas has solutions for prevention and cure.

Head of marketing Rebecca Waters said: “Moth infestations can cost people a lot of money if they get out of control, so products that prevent and treat them early are incredibly useful.

“This is why we offer products for all eventualities, whether you’re treating your carpets or clothes, or simply want to prevent moths from settling in.”

Vacuum thoroughly
Vacuum thoroughly

How to avoid and tackle moth infestations

Eliminate with heat: Wash infested fabrics at a high temperature and put through a hot drying cycle if possible. Putting them in the freezer for a few days will kill off any eggs too. Wash garments before putting them away – especially those made from natural fibres – moths are attracted to human sweat, hair and body oil. To give your wardrobes extra protection, use an Acana Clothes Moth Killer and Freshener for wardrobes (£5.49), which works for up to six months.

Cedarwood: It naturally repels moths so hanging some in your wardrobe. ZERO IN Cedarwood Moth Repeller Rings (£5.99) can be hung on coat hangers and ZERO IN Cedarwood Clothes Moth Repeller Balls (£5.99) can be placed in garment pockets or drawers. The fragrance can be refreshed by rubbing them with fine-grain sandpaper.

Storage: Plastic storage containers and airtight bags like Packmate Extra Large Flat Vacuum Bags – 2 Pack (£9.99) are ideal for items you don’t use much, while the Really Useful Underbed Storage Box – 43L (£9.99) is stackable.

Act fast

If your home is already infested, treat the affected areas with a spray. Acana Lavender Carpet & Fabric Moth Killer Spray (£13.99) targets the problem instantly, while Acana Lavender Fabric Moth Killer (£7.99) eliminates moths, eggs and larvae in 15 minutes. Keep an eye out for webbing and cocoons in cupboards so you know which areas to treat.

Avoid crammed wardrobes
Avoid crammed wardrobes

Keep carpets fresh

Moths lay eggs in carpets, so regular hoovering will help. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaners – both the upright version (£259.99) and the cylinder (£289.99), suck up even the most microscopic particles. Lay an Acana Carpet Moth Trap (£3.49) to alert you to infestations.

‘End of life’ indicators

Choose products with a visual ‘end of life’ indicator so you can see when they need replacing. Acana does Moth Killer and Freshener Sachets – 20 Pack (£4.99) and Moth Killer and Air Freshener for Airing Cupboards (£5.49), which last for up to three months, or the Acana Moth Trap (£5.49) which attracts and captures moths for up to eight weeks.

For more information visit http://www.robertdyas.co.uk.

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