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Blight-resistant outdoor tomatoes

Sunviva tomato. Picture; Lubera
Sunviva tomato. Picture; Lubera

New Phytophthora-resistant patio plants

Do you struggle to grow tomatoes outdoors? Well, Lubera has launched a new range of tomatoes that can be cultivated outdoors without protection and in pots on balconies and patios.

They are also Phytophthora resistant and provide good yields of red or yellow fruit quickly.

Here are the varieties:

Sunviva is a robust yellow cocktail tomato, bearing fruits of about 20g. The taste is very pleasant, particularly juicy and fruity-aromatic. They are perfect for eating raw.

Resi is a cocktail tomato with a sweet and very aromatic taste – it’s also very healthy and disease resistant. The yield is not huge but it has a very long harvest period.

Early ripening tomato

Primavera has improved tolerance to blight and root rot, making it a suitable variety for unprotected cultivation. This cherry variety has fruit weighing in at an average of 25g. The orange skin is resistant to bursting and early ripening, with a very good, juicy taste.

Primabella has a high tolerance to blight and root rot (Phytophthora). The red fruit is aromatic and with a balanced ratio of acidity and sweetness. The plants are very vigorous with attractive, dark green foliage.

232-x tomato. Picture; Lubera
232-x tomato. Picture; Lubera

232-x is the result of Lubera’s search for a beefsteak tomato that can be grown outdoors. It is surprisingly robust against late blight and delivers exceptionally high yields with good fruit quality. Each tomato weighs about 200g with a mild flavour and firm flesh, making it ideal for further processing and cooking.

All plants cost £4.90, with seeds £4.40, visit www.lubera.co.uk for more details.

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