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Key gardening jobs May 12-18

Cosmos Gazebo Mix
Cosmos Gazebo Mix
Support heavy peony heads

Support heavy flowers

Put supports in place for herbaceous plants for those like peonies that produce heavy blooms.

Climbing rose James Galway amid golden hop and holly

Maximise rose blooms

Tie in climbing and rambling roses as near to horizontal as possible, to restrict sap flow, causing more side-shoots to grow along the stem, producing more flowers.

Ripe for the picking

Protect soft fruit

Put netting in place to protect all soft fruit from birds.

Jazzy potatoes in May

Cover potato haulms

Earth up potatoes when the shoots are 23cm (9in) high, in order to prevent the new tubers going green, leaving 5cm (2in) of shoot uncovered so that the plant has enough foliage to continue growing.

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