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Sophie Allport Chelsea mug

The Chelsea 2018 mug. Picture; Sophie Allport
The Chelsea 2018 mug. Picture; Sophie Allport

Memories of RHS Chelsea 2018 – even if you didn’t go!

British homewares designer Sophie Allport has created an exclusive mug to mark this year’s Chelsea Flower Show.

The event, in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, has just finished, with 150,000 plant lovers visiting.

If you didn’t manage to get there, you can still get your hands on this fine bone china mug, hand decorated and fired in Stoke-on-Trent.

It features a flower show scene, with butterflies, dragonflies and bumblebees above a garden packed with alliums and foxgloves.

The Chelsea 2018 mug. Picture; Sophie Allport
The Chelsea 2018 mug. Picture; Sophie Allport

Tribute to Chelsea Pensioners

Bullfinches and parakeets perch on the greenery and wheelbarrows, watching over hedgehogs. Two Chelsea Pensioners enjoy the tranquil grounds.

An avid gardener, Sophie said: “It’s definitely my favourite show of the year. We’re hoping our mug will make a lovely souvenir for visitors and remind them of their special day.”

‘Chelsea Flower Show 2018’ is written on the inside rim in Sophie’s handwriting.

The mug costs £11 for the standard (275ml) size and £13 for the large (425ml) size, available online at www.sophieallport.com.
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