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5 gardening jobs: June 2-8

French marigold Strawberry Blonde
French marigold Strawberry Blonde
Sow lupins now

Sow herbaceous perennials

Perennials such as hollyhock, delphiniums and lupins can be sown directly into drills outside. If space is limited, sow them into pots and place them in a cold frame or by the base of a sheltered wall in filtered sunlight.

Helianthus Lemon Queen may need staking

Stake tall plants

Stake tall perennials to prevent wind damage to flower spikes.

Adult red lily beetle

Watch out for red lily beetle

Inspect lilies for red lily beetle and crush them.

Climbing rose James Galway

Maximise flowers on roses

Tie in climbing and rambling roses as near to horizontal as possible. This will encourage side shoots to grow along the length of stem, for more flowers.

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