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RHS Chatsworth: specialist nurseries

County Durham's Harperley Hall Farm Nurseries
County Durham's Harperley Hall Farm Nurseries

Never mind the medals – focus on the plants

Did you miss out on going to RHS Chatsworth? One of the best things about any of the big shows is the specialist nurseries that take part.

Each event has the most wonderful plants and stories to tell and to me, it’s irrelevant who won what medal.

I thought, should I publish a list of nurseries judged on the RHS medal criteria, or help everyone by compiling a list with website details to support the horticultural industry?

It was a bit of a no-brainer really… here are those companies with website details. These businesses aren’t just for keen gardeners, so don’t be put off if you’re a beginner – I’ve never met a professional gardener who isn’t happy to share their knowledge.

Battlesbridge Mills Garden Centre: Herb and chilli pepper plants, website www.plants-uk.co.uk

Bowdens Nursery: Hostas and fern, website www.bowdenhostas.com

Hippopottering Nursery: Japanese maples grown in peat free and organically, website www.hippopotteringmaples.co.uk

National Sweet Pea Society: sweet pea and Lathyrus species, website www.sweetpeas.org.uk

Primrose Bank: Sculpture in the perennial border, website: www.primrosebank.co.uk

Alstroemeria Select: Alstroemerias, website www.alstroemeriaselect.co.uk

In the Floral Marquee at 2017's RHS Chatsworth Flower Show. Picture; RHS/Georgi Mabee
In the Floral Marquee at 2017’s RHS Chatsworth Flower Show. Picture; RHS/Georgi Mabee

Ashcroft Perennials: Perennials, grasses and ferns, website www.ashcroftperennials.co.uk

Beech Tree Farm Plants: Box topiary, lavender and herbs, website www.beechtreefarmplants.co.uk

Binny Plants: Peonies and other hardy perennials, website binnyplants.com.

Bluebell Arboretum and Nursery: Trees and shrub, website www.bluebellnursery.com

Bluebell Cottage Gardens: Hardy perennials, website www.bluebellcottage.co.uk

Brighter Blooms: Zantedeschias, website www.brighterblooms.co.uk

Brookfield Plants: Hostas, website www.brookfieldplants.co.uk

Calamazag Nursery: Hardy Scented Dianthus, website www.calamazagnursery.co.uk

Chrysanthemums Direct: Cut flower bloom and spray Chrysanthemums, website www.chrysanthemumsdirect.co.uk

Cook’s Garden Centre: Hydrangeas, website www.cooks-garden-centre.co.uk

D’arcy & Everest: Alpines and Sempervivums, website www.darcyeverest.co.uk

Derbyshire Bonsai: Bonsai trees and Japanese maple, website www.derbyshirebonsai.co.uk

Dibleys Nurseries: Streptocarpus, Begonias and other houseplants, website www.dibleys.com

Eagle Sweet Peas: Sweet peas, website www.eaglesweetpeas.co.uk

East of Eden Nursery: Geums, website: www.east-of-eden-nursery.co.uk

In the Floral Marquee at 2017's RHS Chatsworth Flower Show. Picture; RHS/Georgi Mabee
In the Floral Marquee at 2017’s RHS Chatsworth Flower Show. Picture; RHS/Georgi Mabee

Every Picture Tells a Story Ltd: Bromeliads and associated plants, website www.every-picture.com

Flowers From the Farm: British cut flowers, website www.flowersfromthefarm.co.uk

Garden Blooms: Herbaceous perennials, website www.gardenblooms.co.uk

Golden Hill Nurseries: Hydrangeas and Japanese maples, website www.goldenhillplants.com and www.signaturehydrangeas.co.uk

Hare Spring Cottage Plants:  Bulbous, herbaceous and perennial plants, website www.harespringcottageplants.co.uk

Harkness Roses: Garden roses with scent, website www.roses.co.uk

Harperley Hall Farm Nurseries: Woodland plants, alpines and perennials, website www.harperleyhallfarmnurseries.co.uk

Harts Nursery: Lilies, website www.hartsnursery.co.uk

Harveys Garden Plants: Rare and shade-loving perennials, website www.harveysgardenplants.co.uk

Hillview Hardy Plants: Seasonal perennials, website www.hillviewhardyplants.com

Hogarth Hostas: National collection of small and miniature hostas, website www.small-hostas.com

Home Farm Plants: Elatum delphiniums, website www.homefarmplants.co.uk

Hooksgreen Herbs: Flowering and foliage seasonal herbs, website www.hooksgreenherbs.com

Hopleys Plants Ltd: Perennials, website www.hopleys.co.uk

Hoyland Plant Centre: Agapanthus, nerines, amarines and tulbaghia, website www.somethingforthegarden.co.uk

In the Floral Marquee at 2017's RHS Chatsworth Flower Show. Picture; RHS/Georgi Mabee
In the Floral Marquee at 2017’s RHS Chatsworth Flower Show. Picture; RHS/Georgi Mabee

Ice Alpines: Alpines, website www.icealpines.co.uk

John Cullen Gardens Ltd: Achillea, website: www.johncullengardens.com

Kevock Garden Plants: Alpine, bog and woodland plants, website www.kevockgarden.co.uk

Larchfield Trees: Japanese Maples and Japanese Umbrella Pines, website www.larchfieldtrees.co.uk

Letham Plants: Astrantia and Dicentra, website www.letham-plants.co.uk

Lime Cross Nursery: Conifers, website www.limecross.co.uk

Lockyer Fuchsias: Fuchsias, hardy, tender, and species, website www.lockyerfuchsias.co.uk

Mandy Plants: Perennials including Mandevilla, website www.mandyplants.com

Morton Nurseries Ltd: Shrubs and perennials for borders, website www.morton-nurseries.co.uk

National Dahlia Collection: Dahlias from the National Collection, website www.nationaldahliacollection.co.uk

New Forest Hostas and Hemerocallis: Hostas, website newforesthostasandhemerocallis.com

Orchideengarten: Orchids, website www.orchideengarten.de

Ottershaw Cacti: Cacti and succulents, website www.ottershawcacti.com

Pennard Plants: Edible plants and vegetables, website www.pennardplants.com

Pheasant Acre Plants: Gladioli, dahlia, amaryllis, tulips and other bulbs, website www.pheasantacreplants.co.uk

In the Floral Marquee at 2017's RHS Chatsworth Flower Show. Picture; RHS/Georgi Mabee
In the Floral Marquee at 2017’s RHS Chatsworth Flower Show. Picture; RHS/Georgi Mabee

Pinewood Miniature Bonsai: Bonsai trees shobin and mame, website www.derbyshirebonsai.co.uk

Plant Heritage: National Plant Collections, Plant Guardians, website www.plantheritage.com

Plant Revelations: Rare and unusual drought-tolerant plants, website www.plantrevelations.com

Plantagogo: Heuchera, Heucherella and tiarella, website www.plantagogo.com

Potash Nursery: Fuchsias, website www.potashnursery.co.uk

Primrose Hall Nursery at Dingley Dell: Peonies, website www.primrosehall.co.uk

Priorswood Clematis: Clematis and decorative climbers, website www.priorswoodclematis.co.uk

Roualeyn Fuchsias: Fuchsias, website www.roualeynfuchsias.co.uk

Simply Succulents: Succulents hardy, tender and indoor, website www.simplysucculents.co.uk

T.D. Thursfield: Shrubs and herbaceous including Cornus, website www.tdthursfield.co.uk

Taylors Clematis: Clematis, website www.taylorsclematis.co.uk

The English Iris Company: British tall bearded irises, website www.englishiriscompany.com

Thorncroft Clematis: Clematis, website www.thorncroftclematis.co.uk

Tissington Nursery: Early 20th-Century gardening, website www.tissington-nursery.co.uk

Tynings Climbers: Hardy and tender climbers, website www.tyningsclimbers.co.uk

A feast of flowers at 2017's RHS Chatsworth Flower Show. Picture; RHS/Georgi Mabee
A feast of flowers at 2017’s RHS Chatsworth Flower Show. Picture; RHS/Georgi Mabee

W Robinson & Son (Seeds & Plants) Ltd: Vegetables, website www.mammothonion.co.uk

W.S. Warmenhoven: Allium, Amaryllis, Nactaroscordum and Ornithogalum, website www.wswarmenhoven.co.uk

Wack’s Wicked Plants: Carnivorous plants, website www.wackswickedplants.co.uk

Westdale Nurseries: Bougainvillea, website www.westdalenurseries.co.uk

William’s Cactus: Cactus, succulents and caudiciforms, website www.williamscactus.co.uk

Sheffield & District Orchid Society: Orchids, website www.sheffieldorchids.org

Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes Ltd: Aquatic & moisture-loving plants, website www.aqualifeltd.co.uk

Barton Nurseries: Clematis, Echiums and Eryngiums, website www.bartonnurseries.co.uk

Baugaarden Living Art: Living willow plants, trees and sculptures, website www.baugaarden.com

Blue Diamond Ltd T/A Fryer’s Roses: Roses, rose care products and perennials, website www.fryers-roses.co.uk

Cook’s Garden Centre: Hydrangeas and hardy plants, website www.cooks-garden-centre.co.uk

Hayloft Plants Ltd: Rare and unusual plants, website: www.hayloft-plants.co.uk

Middleton Nurseries: Salvia and hardy perennials, website www.middletonnurseries.co.uk

Oscar Plants: Country cottage perennials and grasses, website www.oscarplants.com

Petrichor Bulb Specialists: Bulbs and bulbous plants, website www.bulbspecialists.co.uk

Proctor’s Nursery: Website www.proctorsnursery.co.uk

The Culinary Herb Company: Seasonal herbs, website www.culinaryherbco.co.uk

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