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Seaweed superfood for plants!

Seasol's delphinium seeds trial
Seasol's delphinium seeds trial. Picture; Mr Fothergill's

All-round booster for seeds, growth, disease and pest tolerance

It may sound a bit like spinach for Popeye but trials of a seaweed concentrate have been borne out in field trials, giving flowers, vegetables and lawns a boost.

Seasol Seaweed Concentrate from Mr Fothergill’s is an all-natural plant tonic derived from sustainably harvested kelps from the seas around Ireland, Norway, Canada and Tasmania.

It contains micro-nutrients, is rich in trace elements and provides excellent chemical-free plant nourishment.

Field observations at Mr Fothergill’s Suffolk trial grounds support laboratory findings and other growing trials that highlight Seasol’s ability to improve resistance to insect and fungal attack while reducing the symptoms of stress from excessive heat, frost damage and transplanting.

As well as being applied directly to the soil, Seasol can be used as a foliar spray for fast absorption.

Spent spring bulbs may also benefit from a feed of Seasol, to encourage strong flower growth the following year.

Soaking seeds trial

Seasol also improves seed germination rates, leading to bigger, stronger seedlings, trials have shown.

Soaking seeds in Seasol before sowing, or watering it in immediately after sowing, gives seeds the best possible start in life and leads to vigorous, uniform plants.

The trials team took seeds of Delphinium Raider Mixed, which is tricky to germinate, and set about two separate trials. One tray was soaked from below with water, while the other was soaked from below in Seasol solution. Both trays were left to germinate with no further watering.

Two weeks on, seeds treated with Seasol had produced bigger and better plants, with more vigour and no deformities.

A second trial found that soaking seeds with Seasol prior to sowing offered improved germination. Two batches of 15 seeds of Delphinium Raider Mixed were sown but only one batch had been soaked in Seasol for 15 hours prior to sowing, using 10ml of Seasol concentrate mixed in 500ml of water.

Seven seeds germinated in both pots but the Seasol-treated seeds germinated more quickly, were visibly bigger, with better vigour and no deformities. As plants were grown on, those treated with Seasol proved to be more vigorous.

Seasol. Picture; Mr Fothergill's
Seasol. Picture; Mr Fothergill’s

10 reasons to try Seasol

  • Increased number of flowers
  • Increased yield of fruit and vegetables
  • Stimulation of root system
  • Extended cropping and flowering times
  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Increased resistance to insect attack
  • Increased resistance to fungal problems
  • Increased tolerance to hot and cold extremes
  • Reduced transplant shock
  • Increased drought tolerance

Seasol can be applied at any time on all garden plants and is available in selected garden retailers and online at www.mr-fothergills.co.uk, RRP of £7.99.

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