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Battery-powered tools from Cobra

Handheld chainsaw. Picture; Cobra
Handheld chainsaw. Picture; Cobra

Hi-tech solutions to power problems

Does dragging a power cable around with your gardening power tools let you down?

Or do you think a battery-powered option is too heavy, too pricey or doesn’t have the charge to make it worthwhile?

Well, you need to check out the range from Cobra, which has two lithium-ion battery options in its range – 40-volt and a 24-volt system.

The 40-volt range has three mowers, a grass trimmer, a chainsaw and a hedge trimmer. The 24-volt range has a grass trimmer, blower and hedge trimmer.

Cobra BV26C Blower Vac. Picture; Cobra
Cobra BV26C Blower Vac. Picture; Cobra

Something for every gardener

Cobra managing director Peter Chaloner said: “Our ethos at Cobra is about offering something for every gardener and every garden, which is why we now have over 150 powered products in our range.

“We wanted to create products that deliver the exact amount of power required for each gardening task, particularly within our battery offering, so we introduced the 40-volt system as well as the 24-volt option for handheld products.

“24-volts is ideal for domestic gardeners as it delivers the optimum amount of power without having a hefty price tag.

In addition to that, the products are light and easy to use so are perfect for a quick bit of garden maintenance”.

Each battery is transferable throughout the system and the Cobra lithium-ion batteries charge faster, last longer and have a higher power density for more battery life in a lighter package than conventional technology.

Scarify your lawn. Picture; Cobra
Scarify your lawn. Picture; Cobra

Lawn mover choices

The three mowers (a 16” hand-propelled, a 16” hand-propelled rear roller and an 18” self-propelled) use a 4ah battery to give 30 minutes’ use from a 90-minute charge.

The handheld 40-volt products also take 90 minutes to charge from flat and the grass trimmer has an 80-minute runtime, the hedge trimmer is 85 minutes and the chainsaw is 50 minutes.

The 24-volt range is powered by 2ah batteries which charge in two hours. The runtime varies depending on the task but the grass trimmer will have an average usage of 30 minutes, the blower will be 20 minutes and the hedge trimmer 50 minutes.

Spare batteries and chargers are available to guarantee continuous usage while one battery is charging. For more information about Cobra, visit www.cobragarden.co.uk.

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