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Best outdoor hammocks

Cacoon Chair. Picture; Smithers of Stamford
Cacoon Chair. Picture; Smithers of Stamford

Coolest way to enjoy your gardening labours

There’s nothing quite like enjoying your garden from the vantage point of a hammock… a supremely comfortable way of admiring your hard work.

OK, it’s a bit of an art form getting in and out of one but once you’ve mastered it, a hammock will be your go-to piece of outdoor furniture.

Hammock chairs are a big feature this year – here are the best on the market, in three price brackets:

Under £120

  • Outdoor Multi-stripe Hammock, £37, www.diy.comThe cheapest option from B&Q, but no less comfortable.
  • Woven Stripe Hammock with Fringes, £39, www.diy.comA budget hammock from B&Q to brighten up your garden.
  • Bloomingville Single Garden Hammock, £71, www.beaumonde.co.ukThis pastel pink hammock is made from durable cotton canvas, with an eye-catching print. Available in several colours.
  • Hammock Chair Basic Orquidea Purple, £79.90, www.vivalagoon.comThe Orchidea, in shades of purple, is produced in Colombia from pure, high-quality cotton. It’s tough, with reinforced edges and an integrated safety swivel. The spreader bar is made of top-grade bamboo.
  • Tassel Single Garden Hammock, £105, www.beaumonde.co.ukThis Bloomingville hammock is made from durable cotton canvas and the wooden bar makes it simple to get in and out of. Available in several colours.
  • XXL Palacio Hammock, £119, www.boutiquecamping.comExtra soft and highly stable, this Brazilian-style hammock has hardwood spreader bars. The fabric is woven using the jacquard technique, in 450g/m2 cotton, finished by hand with macramé and a decorative hem.


  • Natural Hammock Chair, £125, www.beaumonde.co.ukMade from durable heavy duty cotton, this hammock chair has a wooden bar along the top to keep it in shape.
  • Weatherproof Hammock Chair Lounger Domingo Coral, £129.90, www.vivalagoon.comExtra-large hammock chair with enough space to recline. Made of weatherproof, fast-drying HamacTex®, so it can be left outside all summer. It’s made in Colombia and has the country’s typical hammock style, with lots of suspension cords. The integrated safety swivel guarantees safe 360° rotation. The spreader bar is made from high-quality bamboo. Carrying capacity: 160kg.
  • Flamboyant Cotton Hammock, £140, www.outthereinteriors.comA hand-made cotton hammock, length 200cm x width 80cm.
  • South American Blue and Violet Double Hammock COPA, £149.90, www.vivalagoon.comMade of pure organic cotton and thanks to a diagonally flexible weave, the fabric follows the contours of your body, making it very comfortable. Skillfully made fringes and macramé between fabric and the suspension cords are typical for hammocks from Brazil.
  • La Siesta Double Red and Orange Brazilian Hammock Copa, £149.90, www.vivalagoon.comCopa is made of pure organic cotton – a traditional handicraft, quality and comfort all in one. The flexible weave adjusts to your body. Machine washable.

Over £150

Bossanova Bordeaux Family Hammock, £249.90, www.vivalagoon.comKing-size family hammock with Brazilian macrame and Bordeaux wine colours.

La Siesta Hawaii Hammock with Spreader Bars, Hibiscus, £169.90, www.vivalagoon.comThe Hawaii hammock with spreader bars embodies the “Aloha Spirit” with its retro design and classic floral pattern of the 1950’s. It also has an integrated pillow and an open, padded surface.

Cacoon Double Hanging Chair Swing, £349, www.smithersofstamford.comOne to catch the neighbours’ eye! Holds two adults, weight maximum 200kg. Can be used indoors too. Available in several colours. Separate stand available.

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