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5 gardening jobs June 23-29

Echium pininana Pink Fountain
Red Pyracantha berries

Prune for more berries on Pyracantha

Prune wall-trained Pyracantha, removing any shoots coming out from the wall and shortening other new growth to about 8cm (3in). This encourages spur formation and increased flowering relative to green growth.

George eating ribbon grass in the pond as fast as it grows

Keep on top of pond weeds

In ponds, continue to remove blanket and duckweed. Don’t introduce goldfish into wildlife ponds.

Yucca outside among the pots

Move conservatory plants outside

Some conservatory plants such as Cymbidium (orchids), Yucca, and citrus trees can be moved outdoors.

Fungus gnats caught on fly paper

Watch out for pests under glass

Regularly inspect plants, and the structures of the greenhouse and conservatory, for red spider mite, whitefly, thrips and other pests. Control with biological controls, and hang yellow sticky traps to help monitor numbers of flying pests.

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