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5 gardening jobs July 7-13

Sunflower Pastiche
Sunflower Pastiche
Keep deadheading annuals, roses and perennials

Keep on deadheading

Deadhead flower borders regularly to prolong flowering. Disbud and dead-head dahlias if growing for large blooms. Leave roses that produce attractive hips.

Red lily beetles mating

Check for beetles and weevils

Inspect lilies for the red lily beetle whose larvae can strip plants in days and vine weevils can also be a problem at this time of year.

Dianthus deltoides – tiny white starry flowers and will tolerate some shade

Sow seeds in batches

Some seeds are best planted just after collection, and others may need specific climatic conditions to break dormancy (e.g. some alpines). If unsure, then sow seeds in ‘batches’, i.e. one immediately after collecting, one in winter, and one in the following spring.

Black spot on rose

Black spot and scab

Look out for and treat black spot on roses and scab on Pyracantha.

Thick beech/hawthorn hedge is a great buffer to noise and pollution

Trim hedges

Fast-growing hedges such as Leyland cypress should be clipped as necessary throughout the growing season, but avoid birds’ nests.

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