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5 gardening jobs July 14-20

Dahlia New Baby
Dahlia New Baby
Hardy geranium Rozanne, or cranesbill

Get a second flush of flowers

Cut back delphiniums and geraniums after the first flush of flowers to encourage a second flowering period. Feed after cutting them back.

More carnations for free

Increase your carnations and pinks

Pinks and carnations that have become leggy, can be propagated by layering or by cuttings. Propagation can improve the look of untidy clumps.

Weigela variegata

Cut back early summer flowering shrubs

Prune (supposedly) June-flowering shrubs such as Philadelphus and Weigela after flowering. Prune deciduous magnolias if necessary.

Crushing weight of rambling rose

Tidy up roses

Tie-in climbing roses and ramblers as they grow. Remove rose suckers and tree suckers.

Dwarf water lily in pond

Keep ponds clean and oxygenated

Cover ponds with nets or safety grilles in gardens where young children play. These have the extra advantage of preventing leaves falling into the pond. Clean out debris lurking in the depths of the pond. This will improve the water quality and prevent excess debris from promoting the growth of weeds, algae or marginal plantings, and from releasing toxins that could harm fish or wildlife.



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