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New white blackberry Polarberry

New blackberry Polarberry. Picture; Lubera
New blackberry Polarberry. Picture; Lubera

Lubera unveils exclusive novelty fruit

For those of you who love something different, here is a cut above the unusual – a white blackberry!

Polarberry’s not just unusual because of its colour (or lack of it) – the flavour changes without the usual anthocyanins present in ordinary blackberries and becomes sweeter.

The fruit doesn’t suffer from sunburn (red parts on the otherwise black fruit – if there are too many, the fruit will be bitter).

Even better, white blackberries aren’t attacked as much by birds or spotted wing drosophila.

New blackberry Polarberry. Picture; Lubera
New blackberry Polarberry. Picture; Lubera

Polarberry’s benefits

  • Fruits: Small to medium fruits, white-beige fruit colour; closer in size to wild blackberries than the large, modern blackberry varieties.
  • Maturity/harvest: Like conventional blackberries, the twigs on the side shoots bloom in the second year; the ripeness of the fruit begins at the end of July and lasts until September.
  • Flavour: Sweet fruit, less acidity than conventional black blackberries, otherwise typical blackberry taste.
  • Use: Eat fresh!
  • Price: Plant in a 3-litre container. £18.40, visit www.lubera.co.uk.
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