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Why you should use nematodes as pest control

Nemasys nematodes. Picture; BASF
Nemasys nematodes. Picture; BASF

Protect dahlias, ornamentals and crops organically

Dahlias have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity in our gardens and it’s heartbreaking when all your efforts are ruined by pests.

However, instead of breaking out the chemicals, there are other organic ways of dealing with the worst offenders – slugs, caterpillars and thrips, which can ruin plants.

Protect dahlias is by watering on microscopic nematodes. The Nemaslug and Nemasys range of products by BASF contains millions of beneficial nematodes which can travel through soil to where the pests are hiding.

Slugs, in particular, spend most of their time underground and nematodes can attack them before they are even in sight, unlike pellets.

Nemaslug nematodes. Picture; BASF
Nemaslug nematodes. Picture; BASF

Keeping slugs at bay

A regular regime of using Nemaslug every six weeks is the most effective way to keep slugs at bay throughout the growing season.

Thrips and caterpillars like to eat foliage and can devastate not just dahlias, but all types of ornamental plants, fruit and vegetable crops in a very short time.

Treating dahlias with nematodes as a preventative method can help. Nemasys Fruit and Veg Protection contain several different species of nematode, each one targeting a different prey, making this a fast and effective way to protect lots of plants with one control.

You’ll find Nemaslug and Nemasys online at www.nematodesdirect.co.uk.

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