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Growhouse solution for tiny gardens

Wooden Victorian growhouse. Picture; Waltons
Wooden Victorian growhouse. Picture; Waltons

Victorian-style good looks for the smallest of plots

You don’t have to go hi-tech and aluminium if you want a growhouse.

Manufacturer Waltons makes this wooden slimline 6ft x 3ft Victorian Growhouse, ideal for small gardens, courtyards, terrace back yards or patios.

With plenty of working headroom, it’s the perfect place to nurture seedlings, protect tender plants and store tools.

It can be painted to create a stylish outdoor display cabinet to show off your prize produce.

This sturdy Victorian-style growhouse is made from high-quality 12mm tongue and groove timber.

Wooden Victorian growhouse. Picture; Waltons
Wooden Victorian growhouse. Picture; Waltons

Easy access and ventilation

A set of double doors allows easy access to the potting and storage area and provides ventilation on warm summer days. Half of the roof can also be propped open to improve airflow.

The shatterproof styrene glazing is UV treated and dwarf walls neatly conceal all your bits and bobs.

Established in 1878, Waltons Garden Buildings is one of the UK’s largest and oldest garden building manufacturers, based in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

The growhouse costs £284.99 including VAT. For more information, visit www.waltons.co.uk.

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