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5 gardening jobs July 28-Aug 3

Sunflower Velvet Queen
Sunflower Velvet Queen
Geranium Rozanne

Revive hardy geraniums

Hardy geraniums can be cut back a little to remove tired leaves and encourage a new flush of growth.

Climbing rose Claire Austin

Extend flowering season of roses

Continue to deadhead roses, to extend flowering into early autumn. Spindly specimens that have lost leaves can be cut back a little further when deadheading, to encourage new growth.

Tomato Santonio

Deleaf cordon (intermediate) tomatoes

Remove lower leaves on cordon tomatoes and pinch out the top of plants to concentrate the growth into the fruit that has formed – 5-6 trusses per plant.

Pygmy water lily

Cut back aquatic plants

Keep an eye on aquatic and marginal plants, removing faded flowers and yellow leaves, and cutting back where necessary.

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