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LED colour-changing garden furniture

LED two-seater sofa with green lights showing. Picture; The Garden Furniture Centre
LED two-seater sofa with green lights showing. Picture; The Garden Furniture Centre

Be the brightest garden party animal

I’m a sucker for the strange and unusual and I love the colour-changing LED range from The Garden Furniture Centre.

They’re certainly ‘Marmite’ items and many of you will hate them – get some fun into your garden!

Featuring a two-seater sofa and an ice bucket, they’re certainly an ice-breaker (sorry) at barbecues or garden parties, especially on warm, late summer nights.

The LED two-seater sofa has a contemporary curved design but comes into its own when the LED lights are on.

The sofa has a remote control which gives you a choice of 16 pre-set LED colours that can be chosen at the click of a button. You can even set how bright you want the colours.

Create your own disco

Other functions include flash/strobe mode, perfect for a disco vibe, and fade mode which will make the chosen colours fade in and out at a chosen speed, for those of a psychedelic disposition.

The sofa is fitted with rechargeable lithium batteries and comes with a re-charging unit making it cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Chill your drinks in style with the LED ice bucket, sure to be the talking point of the evening once you turn the LED lights on.

Like the sofa, you control the colour combinations and effects with a simple remote control. It’s easy to clean with a light detergent or glass cleaner.

The sofa costs £449.99 and the ice bucket £39.99. For more information, visit www.gardenfurniturecentre.co.uk.

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