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5 gardening jobs August 4-10

Sweet pea Lady Salisbury
Crushing weight of rambling rose

Prune climbing and rambling roses

Prune climbing and rambling roses that do not repeat flower or produce attractive hips, once the flowers have finished.

Broad bean seedlings and geranium cuttings

Increase your stock of tender perennials

Take cuttings of tender perennials such as Pelargonium and Osteospermum, as soon as possible. A greenhouse, cool conservatory or a light windowsill are ideal to bring them on until they are established.


Seed gathering time

Collect and store seed of hardy annuals and perennials for sowing later in the autumn. Good plants to try include Calendula, Nigella, Cerinthe, Papaver, Aquilegia and hardy Geranium.

Bulbs laid out ready to dry

Dry onions, shallots and garlic

Lift and dry onions, shallots and garlic once the foliage has flopped over and yellowed. Store them in onion bags to prevent mould developing.

Fallen water level in the pond

Top up water in ponds

Top up water where necessary in ponds and water features. Aerate the water in hot sticky weather by leaving fountains on overnight. Continue to remove blanket weed and duckweed using a net or rake.

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