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Forget Me Not sheds for Alzheimer’s Society

Southwold shed in Forget Me Not. Picture; The Posh Shed Co
Southwold shed in Forget Me Not. Picture; The Posh Shed Co

The Posh Shed Company teams up with charity to raise funds and awareness

Gardening can have a great positive impact on the health of all of us, but especially for a person suffering from dementia.

Alzheimer’s Society’s research has led the charity to promote gardening’s benefits –  general wellbeing, stress reduction and lower blood pressure.

The multi-sensory stimulation of gardening and just being near plants has been linked with prompting memories for some of the 850,000 people who are living with dementia in the UK – a number which is set to rise to one million by 2021.

Alzheimer’s Society and The Posh Shed Company have got together and five per cent from the sale of every Southwold beach-hut style shed, in Forget Me Not blue, will be donated to the charity’s Forget Me Not gardening campaign, which encourages garden centres to be more dementia friendly.

Supporting people with dementia

Ray Nash, senior regional corporate fundraising executive for Alzheimer’s Society said: “We are delighted to be partnering with The Posh Shed Company and we value their commitment to supporting people affected by dementia.

The Southwold shed's diamond window. Picture; The Posh Shed Co
The Southwold shed’s diamond window. Picture; The Posh Shed Co

“These funds will help support people living with the condition and drive new research into dementia.”

Richard Frost, The Posh Shed Company’s managing director, said: “People affected by dementia often have to give up the activities they enjoy, this, unfortunately, includes gardening.

“Alzheimer’s Society carries out some fantastic work and we are thrilled to be able to help promote the link between gardening and dementia.”

Traditional design

Inspired by the traditional coastal design with a covered veranda, The Southwold has a high diamond-shaped rear window, allowing maximum storage or shelving without impacting on the view.

The shed measures 5ft by 5ft (including the 1ft veranda) and is available in all Posh Shed colours with the choice of three different roof options: felt shingle, slate effect and cedar shingle. Prices start from £2,350.

For further information about The Posh Shed Company, visit www.theposhshedcompany.co.uk or call 01544 387101.

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