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5 gardening jobs August 11-17

Sunflower Velvet Queen
Sunflower Velvet Queen
Picking runner beans

Keep picking beans

Harvest French and runner beans little and often to prevent them from setting seed. Pick runner beans regularly to prevent them becoming stringy and to make room for developing pods. Leaving mature pods to set seed can prevent further flowers developing and reduce your crop.

Lots of second-early potatoes Jazzy in a little 8l bag

Harvest second-early potatoes

Continue to harvest second-early potatoes now – perfect for salads!

More carnations for free

Propagate carnations and pinks

Pinks and carnations can be propagated by layering. Propagate irises by dividing the rhizomes if not done last month.

Vine weevil
An adult vine weevil. Picture; RHS

Control vine weevils

Mid- to late August is a good time of the year to apply biological controls for vine weevil. Grubs will be starting to hatch and soil temperatures are now suitable for the nematodes to be effective. Target vulnerable plants such as Rhododendron, Camellia and container plants including Fuchsias.

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