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Black viola heads Johnsons new seeds for 2019

Viola Back to Black. Picture; Johnsons
Viola Back to Black. Picture; Johnsons

Back to Black: a must for goths, The Stranglers and Amy Winehouse fans

Black flowers, love them or loathe them, always make the headlines – none more so than this new Viola Back to Black from Johnsons 2019 range.

The petals are jet black with a contrasting bright yellow eye on small, neat plants. Flowering over a long season, they are perfect for baskets, patio containers and dramatic bedding. (RRP £2.35 for 100 seeds.)

New flower seeds

Nasturtium Red Troika (RRP £2.35 for 25 seeds): supporting Fleuroselect’s Year of the Nasturtium, this deep red variety has semi-trailing variegated foliage, perfect for containers and borders.

Brachycome Blue Star (RRP £1.85 for 200 seeds): a half-hardy annual with pretty star-shaped, lightly-fragrant flowers, perfect for a sunny border or container.

Cornflower Classic Magic (RRP £2.35 for 200 seeds): an unusual, harmonious blend of colours which make an ideal border filler or cut flower.

Silene Blue Angel (RRP £1.85 for 1,000 seeds): summer-long eye-catching electric blue flowers.

New vegetable varieties

RHS AGM winner Carrot Malbec F1 (RRP £3.05 for 350 seeds): has vibrant red roots and exceptional flavour. Helen Clayton, Johnsons brand manager said: “This was a real flavour hit on our trials last year. A really delicious variety, especially when roasted.” It’s also Fleuroselect’s Year of the Carrot in 2019.

Celery Hadrian F1 (RRP £2.35 for 200 seeds): bred in the UK and selected for flavour. With vibrant green stems, it also shows good disease resistance.

Tomato Super Mama F1 (£2.35 for 10 seeds): a full flavoured plum x beef tomato cross with a rich flavour. A large ‘Roma’ type, it is high yielding and fleshy, with fewer seeds, perfect in pasta, soups and salsas.

The new Johnsons range is available now from selected garden centres or online at www.johnsons-seeds.com.

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