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Tomato Rosella awarded AGM in RHS trials

Cherry tomato Rosella awarded AGM status by the RHS
Cherry tomato Rosella

My favourite cherry variety recognised but a bad day for Gardener’s Delight

I’ve been blowing Rosella’s trumpet for a long time, so it’s good to see the variety has been awarded the RHS’s Award of Garden Merit (AGM) in recent trials.

It has a very distinct, delicious, fruity, almost smoky flavour, with a good sweetness and acidity balance and it’s packed with antioxidants.

Rosella has good looks – dark rose-brown with green shoulders, and fewer seeds than many other cherry tomatoes.

A stunning tomato to eat raw in salads, I like it lightly grilled with feta cheese, which really brings out the flavour.

Tendency to split

The one downside is that it has a tendency to split if it is left too long on the plant, so pick it regularly, although this didn’t put off the RHS jury.

The seeds are also reasonable for tomatoes, as they’re not an F1 variety, retailing at about £2.99 for 12 seeds, and they are widely available.

The RHS cherry tomato trial also awarded the AGM to Sweet Aperitif and Bite Size. Another was awarded to Riesling, subject to availability.

Of the varieties that already held the AGM, Cherrola and Sweet Million were reconfirmed.

AGM status retained

Apero and Suncherry Premium retained theirs too, although the status wasn’t reconfirmed due to the number of votes cast against them.

If that makes no sense to you, then you’re not alone, as I don’t understand it either.

However, bad news for that old favourite Gardener’s Delight, which lost its AGM status.

The forum felt it wasn’t a cherry tomato as it was too big and as it has been grown for so long, there are many different strains, leading to variable results.

So what will you be growing next year? Rosella will still be in my propagator come March.

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