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Beamish Museum joins plastic pollution campaign

Beamish Museum joins the Refill campaign. Picture; Beamish Museum
Beamish Museum joins the Refill campaign. Picture; Beamish Museum

Award-winning attraction’s free water refill stations

Beamish Museum has joined a national campaign to help fight plastic pollution.

The Refill campaign, brought to the North East by Northumbrian Water, aims to reduce single-use plastic bottles by encouraging businesses to become refill stations.

Visitors can fill up for free in the Coffee Shop at the Entrance, the Tea Rooms in The 1900s Town, the Sinkers’ Bait Cabin in The 1900s Pit Village and the British Kitchen at The 1940s Farm.

Rhiannon Hiles, deputy director, said: “ We are committed to reducing plastic waste and actively encourage the use of reusable rather than throwaway bottles.

Turn on the tap

“The campaign is a great initiative and so easy to participate in, you just need to turn on the tap and fill up with clean, great tasting, fresh Northumbrian Water.”

Beamish has been added to the free Refill app, which shows users where they can refill for free, and offers rewards when they do.

Beamish Museum joins the Refill campaign. Picture; Beamish Museum
Beamish Museum joins the Refill campaign. Picture; Beamish Museum

Northumbrian Water’s group HR director, Sarah Salter, said: “As an ethical company, we are really passionate about embedding Refill in our communities across the North East.

“Refill not only encourages people to drink our clean, clear and great-tasting water, it will also help reduce the amount of plastic waste that is generated.”

Refill stations

The scheme was created by City to Sea, who launched Refill Bristol in September 2015. There are now more than 10,000 refill stations around the UK.

The not-for-profit organisation won gold for Best Environmental Behaviour Change at the Global Good Awards for the Refill campaign.

To find out more about Refill, or to download the app, visit www.refill.org.uk.

For more information on the museum, visit www.beamish.org.uk.

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