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5 gardening jobs August 25-31

Cosmos Cupcakes White
Cosmos Cupcakes White
Thick beech/hawthorn hedge is a great buffer to noise and pollution

Last cut for hedges

Give hedges a final trim over now. They will only grow a little before cold weather stops growth.

Pot up or plant out strawberry runners

New strawberry plants

Plant out rooted strawberry runners and pot some up to bring into the greenhouse later in winter for early fruits.

Sow some late radishes

Sow more vegetables

Vegetables to sow now include lettuces, spinach, land cress, purslane, beetroot, radishes, coriander, spring onions, calabrese, spring greens, turnips for their green tops, Swiss chard, winter spinach and hardy Japanese onions.


Increase your stock of herbs

Take cuttings of herbs such as rosemary, sage or mint now to bulk up supplies. Put cuttings in moist, well-drained potting compost (one part grit to one part compost) and place in a cold frame.

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