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7 top scented roses

Rose Amelie Nothomb. Picture; Woolmans
Rose Amelie Nothomb. Picture; Woolmans

Blooms and fragrance from Woolmans – buy 3 get cheapest free

‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’ – or would it? Well, not if it didn’t have perfume. Cultivars without fragrance are non-starters in my book.

A plant would have to have an exceptional trait to make me buy it with poor or no scent.

Luckily, Woolmans has unveiled seven varieties (five bush and two climbers) chosen for their exceptional fragrance and show-stopping colour.

What’s even better is that if you buy three roses, you get the cheapest free.

5 perfumed floribunda cultivars

  • Amélié Nothomb®: Double apricot, 60cm, bare root, £15.95.
  • Dolce Vita®: Orange-pink blooms, 60cm, bare root, £14.95.
  • Generation Jardin®: Deep pink ageing to green-white, 1.3m, bare root, £15.95.
  • Pompadour®: Fully double pink flowers up to 10cm across, 1m, bare root, £15.95.
  • Republic de Montmartre®: Single/double, rosy red, 1m, bare root, £15.95.

Fragrant climbers

  • Amnesty International®: Large, creamy-yellow flowers, 2m, bare root, £16.95.
  • Claude Monet®: Mottled blooms in pink, cream and yellow, 2m, bare root, £16.95.

Rose perfume isn’t a constant – it changes depending on the flower’s age, time of day and if used as a cut flower, how long it has been in the vase.

Woolmans Tom Stimpson said: “Our rose breeder, over many years, has found that in the morning it is the strong and heady citrus notes of the fragrance which we can smell first.

“These give way to the spicier and floral scents later in the day – the ones we adore on a warm and sunny afternoon.

“Lastly, it is the lower and heavier components, notes of wood and balsam, which come to the fore, the perfume’s base.”

Rose fragrance changes

He added: “All of these are superb and the change in fragrance through the day is quite incredible – I didn’t realise a rose’s perfume could be so complex.”

All of the roses show excellent disease resistance, with “literally no blackspot and no mildew,” says Tom.

All are supplied as freshly dug bare-rooted plants and despatched from early November.

To order Woolmans Chrysanthemum and Ornamental Plant Catalogue 2018, visit www.woolmans.com, call 0845 658 9137 or write to Woolmans, Gazeley Road, Kentford, Suffolk CB8 7QB.

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