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5 gardening jobs September 8-14

Cloves and sets being planted

Start off garlic

Plant out garlic, or start cloves in pots to transplant later.

Vine weevil adult. Picture; RHS/Joyce Maynard

Control vine weevils

Now is an ideal time to apply biological controls for use on vine weevil grubs. Target fuchsias, succulents and container plants.

Self-seeded viola

Plant out spring-flowering biennials

If you sowed any spring-flowering biennials such as Viola, Digitalis (foxglove) or Erysimum (wallflowers), earlier in the summer, they will now need planting out – nip out the tips to encourage bushy plants.

Poppy Black Beauty

Plan for early hardy annual flowers

Sow hardy annuals (Consolida, Calendula, Centaurea, Limnanthes, and poppies) where they are to flower next year.

Red lettuce looking good enough to eat, Pike Place Market Urban Garden, Seattle

Keep on sowing veg

Vegetables to sow now include spring cabbages, Japanese onions, turnips for green tops, winter lettuces, spinach, endive, corn salad, land cress and baby salad leaves.

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