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New vegetable seeds 2019

Exclusive courgette Summer Holiday. Picture; Mr Fothergill's
Exclusive courgette Summer Holiday. Picture; Mr Fothergill's

Mr Fothergill’s new additions and exclusives

It’s new catalogue time when we start to gloss over the mistakes of this year and look forward to the promise of next season.

As 2019 is Fleuroselect’s Year of the Carrot, Mr Fothergill’s has added four new varieties to its latest catalogue, as well as a host of other vegetables.


  • Carrot Malbec F1: (AGM, £3.05 for 350 seeds) is a red long rooted, imperator type. It is perfect for roasting with exceptional flavour.
  • Carrot Gold Nugget F1: (£3.05 for 350 seeds) produces long smooth-skinned yellow roots.
  • Carrot Volcano F1: (exclusive, £3.05 for 350 seeds), distinguishes itself with strength and reliability. It is resistant to breakage, splitting and disease.
  • Carrot Purple Haze F1: (£3.05 for 350 seeds) provides ‘Nantes’ type, dark purple roots with a bright orange core.


  • Kale Candy Floss: (RRP £2.10 for 50 seeds) features large leaves enveloping a pink heart. Its leaves are full of flavour and retain the colour when cooked. Can be grown for ornamental and edible purposes.
  • Cabbage (Red) Romanov F1: (exclusive, £2.35 for 30 seeds) Sweet tasting, crisp and colourful. Up to 2kg heads, delicious raw or cooked. Excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants.
  • Cabbage Summer Jewel F1: (£3.05 for 50 seeds) Fast-growing crops of large, loose-leaved heads. Versatile, tender leaves with excellent flavour. Great source of vitamin C and antioxidants.
  • Turnip Oregon F1: (£2.50 for 100 seeds) Has sweetly flavoured yellow roots. High quality, fast-growing maincrop variety. Delicious roasted or grated raw in salads. Excellent source of vitamin C.


  • Dwarf French Bean Red Swan: (exclusive, £3.05 for 100 seeds) a decorative heritage variety with pink flowers and pink-tinged pods.
  • Dwarf French Bean Nautica: (£2.75 for 100 seeds) for high yields of fine green pods.
  • Dwarf French Bean Cala d’Or: (£2.75 for 100 seeds) provides large crops of yellow, great flavoured beans.

Other new veg varieties

Tomato Super Sauce F1: (£2.75 for 10 seeds) ‘Roma’ plum type with dense fleshy fruit, ideal for sauces and soups. Indeterminate, outdoors or greenhouse.

Tomato Shimmer: (£2.75 for 10 seeds) small, almond-shaped fruit, marked with bronze-gold. Indeterminate, outdoors or greenhouse.

Courgette Summer Holiday: (exclusive, £2.75 for 10 seeds) large crops of rounded, colourful courgettes. Great flavour and texture.

Aubergine Jewel Jet F1: (£2.35 for 10 seeds) up to 20 small practical-sized fruits per plant. Ideal for pots on a sunny patio.

Beetroot Golden Eye: (£2.10 for 100 seeds) easy to grow with amazing colour and flavour.

Spinach (Oriental) Mikado: (£2.35 for 500 seeds) versatile, attractive, mildly flavoured leaves. Vigorous crops produced throughout the summer.

Spinach Helios F1: (£2.35 for 500 seeds) great cooked or for baby salad leaves.

Sweet Corn Gold Crest: (£2.35 for 50 seeds) large, well-filled sweet cobs. Shows resistance to wind damage and disease.

For details, visit www.mr-fothergills.co.uk.

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