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New organic vegetable seeds for 2019

Climbing French Bean Limka (Organic). Picture; Johnsons
Climbing French Bean Limka (Organic). Picture; Johnsons

Johnsons expands its range after sales boost

Into organic gardening? Then you need to check out Johnsons organic seed range, which has 18 new vegetable varieties for the 2019 season.

They’re ideal for both new and experienced gardeners who want to grow organically, as the seed is not exposed to any chemicals at growth, harvesting or processing stage.

New varieties include Chard Verde a Costa Argentata (£2.15 for 125 seeds), Kale Westland Winter (£1.85 for 40 seeds) and Climbing French Bean Limka (£3.45 for 50 seeds).

Organic seed of the most popular vegetables are now available in the Johnsons range, all approved by Organic Farmers and Growers Ltd, one of the UK’s largest organic control organisations.

Rise in organic sales

Brand manager Helen Clayton said: “We have seen a definite rise in sales of our organic varieties during the past few years, increasing by 79 per cent since 2015.

“Topping that list is our Tomato Gardener’s Delight organic variety, which has risen 169 per cent during the same period.

“It is also a growing trend across Europe and we believe it will continue as more and more people choose to switch to organic gardening.”

The organic range from Johnsons is available to buy now, from selected garden retailers. To find out more about the full range, visit www.johnsons-seeds.com.

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