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Recyclable plant pots introduced by Hillier Nurseries

Recyclable pots in action at Hillier Nurseries
Recyclable pots in action. Picture; Hillier Nurseries

More environmentally friendly pots replace black plastic containers

Any attempt to cut the use of plastic in gardens is to be applauded and Hillier Nurseries is pushing the timescale to speed up the introduction of recyclable pots.

Plans were announced in August to introduce the first kerbside recyclable plant pots in 2019, which will completely replace black plastic pots that can’t be recycled.

Hillier Nurseries in Hampshire took delivery of their first recyclable pots at the end of last month, making it the first UK nursery to grow a commercially potted crop in a recyclable pot.

The new taupe recyclable plant pot will be used across the Hillier wholesale nursery business, replacing the old black plastic pot.

Chris Francis, Hillier Garden Centres and Wholesale Nurseries director, said: “This is a real breakthrough in the industry and we are delighted to be the leading the way as the first UK nursery to commercially use the new taupe recyclable pot.

Taupe recyclable pots. Picture; Hillier Nurseries
Taupe recyclable pots. Picture; Hillier Nurseries

‘Sustainable solutions to global issues’

“Hillier has always been a pioneer within horticulture and the introduction of the new kerbside recyclable plant pot throughout our nurseries will have a considerable impact as we forge ahead towards finding sustainable solutions to this global issue.”

At the moment, 76 per cent of councils collect pots, tubs and trays as part of their kerbside recycling schemes but not many collect black plant pots.

This is because the pots contain carbon black pigment which absorbs Infra-Red from detection systems, hindering recycling.

The new pot will use a carbon black pigment-free polypropylene solving this problem.

For more information, visit www.hillier.co.uk.

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