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5 gardening jobs October 20-26

Acer Trompenburg's last leaf
Acer Trompenburg's last leaf
A crocus is more valuable to bees than a daffodil

Get new bulbs into the ground

Plant daffodil and crocus bulbs. Tulips can wait until next month.

Greenhouse after cleaning (but forgot to remove tomatoes)

Clean out the greenhouse or conservatory

Give the greenhouse/conservatory a thorough clean with detergent and disinfectant to remove any pests.

Blackcurrants just burst with intense flavour

Prune blackcurrants and gooseberries

Cut back old wood on blackcurrants and gooseberries, and remove any wispy growth.

Stunning leaf patterns in Canna but bring them indoors

Bring tender plants indoors

If you’ve got tender plants, bring them indoors before they get killed by the frost. Choose a light, frost-free place such as a greenhouse or cold frame. Keep them on the dry side during the winter, so they don’t put on much growth.

Organic potatoes

Lift final maincrop potatoes

If you haven’t done so already, lift all your maincrop potatoes on a dry day and store in bags in a cool dark place. Don’t leave them any longer or the slugs will find them.

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