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5 gardening jobs October 27-November 3

Clematis Mme Julia Correvon still blooming at the end of October
Clematis Mme Julia Correvon still blooming at the end of October
Smoke bush starting to change colour

Chance to plant out hedging, trees and shrubs

Plant bare-root deciduous hedging plants, trees and shrubs promptly, before they dry out. They can be heeled in for a short period if weather conditions are bad.

Rose Leah Tutu

Prune bush roses

Lightly prune bush roses to prevent wind rock, as they are usually shallow rooted. Climbing roses should be pruned now at the very latest.

Make use of fallen leaves

Collect leaves

Put fallen leaves on the compost heap or into separate pens for rotting down into leaf mould.

Bouquet lily. Picture; Sue Welford

Lilies for an early display

Plant lilies in pots to be brought inside next spring to force them into an early display or left outside to flower naturally in summer.

Purple tulips look great against a terracotta background, RHS Harlow Carr

Time to plant tulips

Tulips can now go in. Species tulips naturalise, but showier varieties are best treated as bedding and replaced every year.

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