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Recycled plastic garden furniture made in the UK

Peak Bench in black. Picture; TDP
Peak Bench in black. Picture; TDP

Enjoy shopping AND help the planet!

With the concerns over plastics in the environment, one company has some cool furniture made entirely from recycled waste.

TDP’s chairs, tables, planters and wild bird products are created using 100 per cent recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic.

It comes from waste recycled by British residents and processed at UK recycling plants.

The products are hand-made in Derbyshire, creating a sustainable virtuous circle and keeping carbon footprints to a minimum.

Waste saved from landfill

In the six years TDP has been producing recycled garden products, it has saved 2,528,000kg of plastic waste from being sent to landfill, equivalent to more than 1.5 billion plastic bottle tops!

The products are available 11 colours, including brown, black, lilac, blue, orange and red.

You can buy garden chairs, tables and benches, planters, bird tables, a nesting box and an innovative range of children’s furniture.

The furniture has a realistic wood grain and products can be personalised and engraved – either with a plaque or within the plastic structure itself.

Recycled plastic furniture benefits

  • Strong, durable, impact resistant and dimensionally stable.
  • Rot, splinter and crack proof.
  • Insect, chemical, UV and water resistant.
  • Virtually no maintenance needed. Just wipe down with a damp cloth.

Prices start at £24.96 for a nest box, planters from £162.24 and adult furniture from £102 – the furniture’s not cheap and costs more than I’d usually feature but it’s recycled and so durable it should last a lifetime – it’s often used commercially and in public places. Something to think about in our throwaway society.

The showroom in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, is also open during normal office hours.

To view the full range, download a catalogue and to order online, visit www.tdp.co.uk, or call 01629 820011.

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