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Best Christmas gifts for gardeners

Rustic Outdoor Garden Mirror. Picture; Melody Maison
Rustic Outdoor Garden Mirror. Picture; Melody Maison

Horticultural presents for under £50

This is the second in my series of the best gifts to buy for your gardening loved ones (see stocking fillers too).

This week, I focus on main presents at a reasonable price, from £10 to £50. Happy shopping!

Gifts under £20

Secret Garden Bird Feeders: Choose from a Spiral Finch feeder, Dual Seed feeder and Wall Hanging Bird table all £19.99, or an Acorn Feeder, £12.99, www.gardenhealth.com/products/peckish.

EVA Daisy Cloggies: This version of the injection moulded clogs come in a navy daisy design, £12.99, www.townandcountry.com.

Sophie Allport Green Fingers Gardening Mug: Fine bone china mug features Sophie’s illustrations of wellington boots, trowels, vegetables, watering cans and herbs. The standard size has a capacity of 275ml, large 425ml, £11 and £14, www.sophieallport.com.

Garden Seat and Bag: This foldable seat and the detachable bag is perfect if you don’t want to keep going back and forth for forgotten tools, £14.99, www.townandcountry.com.

Kitchen Garden Canvas Gardening Bag: This small canvas gardening bag (large also available) offers perfect storage for your gardening bits and bobs, £15, www.tch.net.

Presents £20-£30

Flora: The Art of Exploration: More than 20 families of plants are featured in this beautiful botanical book, complete with stories of pioneering botanists, £20, www.nhmshop.co.uk.

Small Grow Tunnel with Mesh: Ideal for a small garden, £20, from B&Q, www.diy.com.

Morris & Co Gardening Glove Kit: Golden Lily is a dense and intricate floral pattern with lily flowers and country blooms intertwined with briar leaves, £24.95, www.smartgiftsolutions.co.uk.

Mini multi-change® Gift Set: Ideal for those with a small garden, as the heads are just the right size to get into small spaces. Complete with a trowel, small cultivator, small lawn rake, double hoe and interchangeable small handle, £24.99, www.wolfgartentools.co.uk.

Gardening Gauntlets, Dachshund: Luxurious, lightweight gauntlets crafted in English linen and leather. Handmade in Great Britain, one size (ladies), £27.95, www.annabeljames.co.uk.

Garden wall clock and weather station: Featuring a floral and bird design with an integrated clock, thermometer for measuring Celsius and Fahrenheit and hygrometer to accurately measure humidity. Dimensions: L66 x W6 x H43.5cm, £29.99, www.thompson-morgan.com.

Gifts £30-£40

Garland Super 7 Propagator + 106 Pots: I’ve had one of these for years and can’t recommend it enough. It provides the constant gentle heat required to successfully rear seedlings on a windowsill indoors. Complete with seven mini propagating trays and vented lids plus 106 growing on pots, £36.99, www.suttons.co.uk.

Ehlo Grow Table and lid XXL: Create your own edible or floral garden, even with limited space, using the Green Basics Grow Table XXL. The range uses recycled plastic. Size 76cm (30″) width, 36cm (14″) depth, 65cm (25½”) height and holds 56 litres of soil. The polypropylene lid stands 20cm (8″) high. £39.98, save 20%, www.dobies.co.uk.

Concentric Willow Obelisk: This twin pack of handcrafted willow obelisks can be used to grow edible or decorative climbing plants, £39.99, www.forestgarden.co.uk.

Presents £40-£50

Classic Leather Tool Roll Apron: Handcrafted by historic British manufacturers Haws, this roll-out apron has four tool slots perfect for knives, secateurs and an array of gardening equipment, £47, www.farrar-tanner.co.uk.

Rustic Outdoor Garden Mirror with Four Planters: (main picture) A wall-mounted mirror with opening doors and removable planters, three shutter-style windows and four bucket planters. Size 61cm x 11.5cm x 37cm, £47.95, www.MelodyMaison.co.uk.

All-Weather Boots: Durable, water-resistant upper sole with waterproof lower, ankle support with Velcro straps, enhanced grip soles and Thinsulate super-soft lining. Sizes 4-11, £47.99, www.briersltd.co.uk.

Wooden Welly Rack In Charcoal Raw Oak: Made from oak bars and with a Charcoal coloured base, this is a great rack for storing your boots neatly in pairs, £50, www.gardentrading.co.uk.

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