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New flowers from Chiltern Seeds

Sweet pea Pink Champagne. Picture; Chiltern Seeds
Sweet pea Pink Champagne. Picture; Chiltern Seeds

Preview catalogue for 2019 available now

I do love getting new seeds to trial and this selection by Chiltern Seeds bodes very good things next summer!

The new preview catalogue is well worth a look with some absolute corkers – I’m loving the two new sweet pea blends and the lovely Antirrhinum Chantilly Bronze in particular.

Here’s my pick:

Sweet pea Chiltern Seeds Pink Champagne Mix (Lathyrus odoratus): A creamy-blush, coral mixture (including Juliet, Heaven Scent and Valerie Harrod). Perfect for cutting and bee friendly. Height 2.4m, HA, price £2.75.

Gomphrena globosa Rose: Unusual spherical flower heads with papery pink petals. Height 60cm, HHA, £1.95.

Phlox drummondii Blushing Bride: A combination of blush pink and silvery white, performed well in trials. Height 50cm, HHA, £1.95.

Sweet pea Blue Shift: Blooms in a range from purple to mauve with a glimmer of turquoise. Height 240cm, HA, £1.95.

Antirrhinum Chantilly Bronze F1 Hybrid: Tall snapdragons in a blend of pink and apricot. Height 140cm, HHA, £2.95.

Helichrysum bracteatum Silvery Rose (not pictured): Silvery-pink daisy-like flowers, ideal for cutting and drying. Height 90cm, HHA, £1.95.

To view the catalogue, click here.

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