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Christmas recipe with Redlove apples

Vermicelli with Redlove Apples recipe. Picture; Lubera
Vermicelli with Redlove Apples recipe. Picture; Lubera

Vermicelli with Redlove apples from Lubera

It’s time to use up your stored apples and fruit experts Lubera have an excellent – and very different recipe – to wow your festive guests.

Homegrown culinary expert Pascale Treichler has come up with the fruity dish for a winter taste sensation using Lubera’s Redlove apples (read more about their apple varieties here).

Redlove apple Era
Redlove apple Era. Picture; Lubera


70 – 80 g of Redlove apples
1 tbsp lemon juice (freshly pressed)
10 ml water

3 tbsp apple juice (If you also use Redlove apple juice here, the colour will be even more intense)
400-500g chestnut puree (depending on package size or make your own and cook harvested chestnuts soft and puree with sugar)


Peel the Redlove apples and cut into slices. Cook with the lemon juice and water until soft and puree.

Leave a few pieces of apple for decoration on the side.

Mix everything well together (preferably in a blender).

This mixture will take on a pink colour and you can now pipe on to your plates using a vermicelli piping nozzle.

Together with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a few Christmassy star-shaped meringues, this becomes a typical dessert from a wintery Switzerland.

You can see all of Lubera’s Redlove apples on the website by clicking here: REDLOVES or by visiting www.lubera.co.uk.


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