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5 gardening jobs December 1-7

Mahonia Charity brightens up December
Mahonia Charity brightens up December
Tulip El Nino

Last chance to plant tulip bulbs

Plant tulip bulbs at the latest this month. Some species tulips go on year to year, some are treated as bedding, and replaced every year.

Show your Poinsettia some love

Keeping Poinsettia alive

Avoid buying Poinsettias that have been accidentally chilled, particularly those sold from street stalls on cold days. Once home, place them in a warm, light place, away from drafts, to make sure they last for as long as possible.

Don’t give hyacinths too much warmth

Hyacinths in the home

Place hyacinths in a cool, bright place in the home. If it’s too warm, the leaves will elongate and the flowers will fade quickly.

Kniphofia before being battered by Storm Ali

Marvellous mulch

Apply a mulch to protect plants that are borderline hardy. The plants’ own leaves, e.g. Kniphofia, can be tied up and used as protection for the crowns underneath.

Acer Trompenburg backed by a golden hop

Pruning Acers and birches

Ensure any pruning of Acer (maple) and Betula (birch)  is completed before the end of the month to avoid bleeding of sap from cuts.

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