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Franchi Seeds of Italy protects veg biodiversity

Celebrating biodiversity in the Seeds of Italy cataloue 2019. Picture; Franchi
Celebrating biodiversity in the Seeds of Italy cataloue 2019. Picture; Franchi

Seeds of Italy’s bid to save heritage varieties

With daily dire news about climate change, plastic pollution in the oceans, loss of habitat and species extinction occasionally knocking Brexit off the top of the news charts, there’s a chink of light in these dark days.

Franchi Seeds of Italy has been steadily ploughing a green furrow for many years.

Franchi BiodiversityIf biodiversity, green living and gardening ethics are important to you, check out these statistics:

  • The only major brand selling in the UK that is a majority seed producer
  • Unique regional varieties with provenance
  • Vegetarian Society Vegan approved
  • Slow Food UK approved
  • Borough Market approved
  • Climate positive – net zero carbon emissions
  • RHS ‘Perfect for pollinators’ scheme
  • Organic certified and
  • Biodiverse

As director Paolo Arrigo points out, 94 per cent of the planet’s vegetable varieties have been lost in the last century. Franchi Seeds supplies some of the remaining six per cent.

‘Guardians for at-risk varieties’

Paolo said: “Franchi is a guardian for about 150 locally produced veg seed varieties which could be considered at risk, and indeed, some are on the Slow Food ‘Ark of Taste’ list.

“The BioDiversity range consists of unique Franchi varieties from this precious remaining original pool of six per cent of seeds.

“Customers can positively influence the planet and actually make a difference by using these varieties over modern ones. We urge outlets who care about the planet to stock a Franchi BioDiversity stand alongside their other brands.”

If you’d like to know more about the Franchi Seeds of Italy range, visit www.seedsofitaly.com.

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