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5 gardening jobs December 8-14

Clematis Freckles brightens up a freezing December day
Clematis Freckles brightens up a freezing December day
Rose Desdemona from David Austin Roses

Prune bush roses

Lightly prune bush roses now, if not done already, as reducing their height will prevent wind-rock. Roses are generally shallow rooted and can become loose in the soil.

Holly berries

Net your holly berries

To save holly berries from the birds, for use in Christmas decorations, net a few branches, but leave the rest for the wildlife.

Berberis darwinii

Increase your shrub stock

Take hardwood cuttings of ornamental shrubs such as Berberis, Buddleja, Salix, Forsythia, Ligustrum, and Rubus. Some deciduous climbers, such as honeysuckle, can also be propagated in this way.

Salmon-flushed geranium

Let Pelargoniums become dormant

Pelargoniums (geraniums) can be cut back, de-leaved, watered less, not fed, and kept relatively dormant and just moist, over the winter. Re-potting, watering and feeding in the spring will bring them back into active growth. They must be kept at about 10°C (50°F) while dormant.

Penstemon Husker Red

Protect Penstemon crowns

Leave dead Penstemon stems as they are until the spring, as they will help to protect the crowns from cold. Mulching over crowns in colder areas will also help.

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