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Winter garden foliage arrangement

Holly, rose hips, Eucalyptus and ivy
Holly, rose hips, fir, Eucalyptus and ivy

Pagan influenced, easy and FREE even for the clueless florist

Plastic arrangements are a bad thing in my book and this year I seem to have had time to fill a few battered vases with garden foliage.

I’ve been reading a lot about Northern European folklore and pre-Christian beliefs lately – pagan if you like – and in these troubled times, it seems rather comforting to be more at one with nature.

For more on plants associated with Christmas, Yule and the winter solstice, see my plant-by-plant guide here.

Foliage arrangement over the fireplace
Foliage arrangement over the fireplace

Hopeless flower arranger

I am no flower arranger and favour the ‘pick up and dump’ method, so excuse the tattiness but I think neatness isn’t the point here.

You’re bringing a bit of the outside in to celebrate midwinter and the onset of days getting longer – there’s nothing tidy about December in my garden!

The ingredients in my vases all come from the garden and all foliage and fruit-based – plain berried ivy, rose hips, Nordmann fir offcuts from the tree and three types of variegated holly – Silver Queen, Golden King and Lawsoniana.

Handy Eucalyptus

The other addition is Eucalyptus gunnii, not traditional, but very available at this time of year and an excellent space filler, using either the sparse older leaves or the new, round foliage.

I’ve also used old glittery twigs, pine cones and papier mache pomegranates I’ve had for 25 years (they have a Christmas connection too) and small mistletoe lights.

One downside – Gary was furious I messed up the kitchen with the garden. He didn’t appreciate my going back to nature style!

Bringing the outdoors indoors doesn't go down well with Gary
Bringing the outdoors indoors doesn’t go down well with Gary

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