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5 gardening jobs December 15-21

Arum italicum marmoratum
Arum italicum marmoratum
Heuchera completely severed at the roots by vine weevil grubs

Check for vine weevil larvae

When bringing plants into the house or greenhouse, check them carefully for any pests and diseases they may have picked up in the garden. Unhappy looking plants can always be tipped out of the pot to look at their root balls for signs of over or under watering, or for soil pests like vine weevil larvae.

Cornus Midwinter Fire

Get your dogwoods…

Take note of the most colourful dogwoods (Cornus), Salix and white-stemmed Rubus shrubs when visiting gardens open to the public, or in garden centres, and consider planting them yourself, for a winter display.

Stalwart yellow pansy

Pansy problems

Watch out for downy mildew and black spot on winter pansies.

Grey mould on a cut-back geranium in a humid environment under glass

Watch out for grey mould

Grey mould or Botrytis can be problematic in wet weather.

Snail hiding in the greenhouse

Overwintering pests problems

Many pests can overwinter in nooks and crannies in the glasshouse structure and in the bark of woody houseplants and vines. Mealybugs, scale insect nymphs and snails are commonly found and should be picked off. Grape vines often have old bark stripped off before winter, to cut the number of hiding places.

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