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Gardeners’ World presenter on Celebrity Mastermind

Gardeners' World presenter Mark Lane on Celebrity Mastermind. Picture; BBC Studios

Mark Lane faces some tough questions

BBC Gardeners’ World presenter and garden designer Mark Lane will be appearing on Celebrity Mastermind on BBC One on Friday, December 21 at 8.30pm.

Other celebrities facing the questions from John Humphrys will be broadcaster The Rev Richard Coles, BBC Media Editor Amol Rajan and Celebrity Big Brother winner Courtney Act.

Mark has nominated Leonard Cheshire to benefit from his appearance on the show with £3,000 going to the disability charity.

Mark has close ties with Leonard Cheshire, teaming up with it during the summer to promote the health and wellbeing benefits of gardening as part of a partnership with the National Garden Scheme, and designing a sensory garden for its Agate House supported living and care home in Bedfordshire.

Mystery specialist subject

Mark said: “I have always watched and enjoyed Mastermind, so when I received a call asking if I would be interested in participating, I jumped at the chance.

“Then, when I put the phone down, started to panic. What had I let myself in for? The whole day, however, was great fun.

Celebrity Mastermind line-up: From left, Amol Rajan, The Rev Richard Coles, Courtney Act, Mark Lane. Picture; BBC Studios
Celebrity Mastermind line-up: From left, Amol Rajan, The Rev Richard Coles, Courtney Act, Mark Lane. Picture; BBC Studios

“You will need to watch it to see what my specialist subject is and how well I do. All I will say is that it has nothing to do with gardening or garden design.

“Also, my questions seemed particular lengthy compared to the others – sorry, that’s the competitive streak in me coming out! If Mastermind calls again, I will say yes!”

Award-winning designer

Mark is the UK’s first garden designer/BBC gardening broadcaster to be in a wheelchair.

He was in a car accident in 2001 and had to have operations on his spine, which were complicated by his being born with spina bifida.

Following a long rehabilitation period, he switched professions to study garden/landscape design and launched his own award-winning landscape practice.

Visit www.marklanedesigns.com or www.marklane.tv or follow Mark on Twitter @MarkLaneTV.

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